Trying to Pick up Pace

I have been busy with lots of things lately that I have not blogged anything in awhile…


Writing formal essays is not as easy as it seems

A month from now I will take the IELTS exams. I cannot really say that I am already confident for the exam. The past weeks of review were a challenge to me. I had to schedule my review right after my work. I never went to my evening classes on time. What the heck. It's better than no taking the review classes at all. My first mock-exam was a disaster. I got a five for my writing test and 6 for my speaking test. My reading and listening test were okay, I got a 7.5 on both accounts. I expected the worst because it was first try at the exam. There were times in my speaking test that I had nothing to say or I kept repeating things. The writing test on the other hand I was reprimanded for writing in all caps. I write that way because my writing is not that nice. I said to myself I could do better. The succeeding mock exam results were better. I even got a 7.5 for my speaking. My reading and listening test ranges from 6.5-8 (but I need to get a 7). My writing test is on the other hand really needs improvement. I thought I could get good marks with this test because I used to write. Then I realize that writing formal essays is hard. I used to write but it was more of the creative side. I have to organize my thoughts and never forget to recheck what I wrote. Unfortunately I always ran out of time. I really need to practice thinking and writing fast.


Addicted to Reading

When I was in Cebu I had no other forms of entertainment. So I choose reading books. When I got back here in Davao reading books stuck with me. Now I joined a 50 book challenge a year in shelfari. I calculated that I should finish at least 4 books a month and 12-13 books per quarter. This quarter I have finished reading 14 books. I might add not bad.

* The Last Watch- Sergei Lukianenko (1)
* Shanghai Baby- Wei Hui (2)
* The Stranger- Albert Camus (3)
* The Southern Vampire Series- Charlaine Harris

-Dead Until Dark (4)
-Living Dead in Dallas (5)
-Club Dead (6)
-Dead to the World (7)
-Dead as a Doornail (8)
-Definitely Dead (9)
-All Together Dead (10)
-From Dead to Worse (11)

*They Whisper- Robert Olen Butler (12)

*The Cider House Rules-John Irving (13)

*The Devil Wears Prada- Lauren Weisberger (14)

Right now I am reading The Time Traveller's Wife and Psycho the book about Ed Gein.


What happened to my Creativity List!

The other year I made a plan to make a creativity list. This is a list of things I have to do each month to fuel my creativity. It involves reading books, watching movies, making sketches, having a photo shoot and writing something like a poem, story or whatever. I did manage to do it the first month but then I couldn't manage to do it the following months. I don't know if its lack of time or if it lack discipline. I did manage to do some of the things in the list but not everything.

Preparing for Summer

It's already summer and it's time to have sometime on the beach. My high school friends and I really want to go on an outing but have not found the perfect place to. Right now I cannot go to any outing to the beach because I am still recuperating from my cyst operation. But when all is healed and well you bet I want to haul my ass to any beach. Summer outing also means lomo time for me. Lomo cams work better with lots of sunshine so going to the beach would be a wonderful opportunity to take pictures. I got lots of films collecting dust in my shelves and not the time to use them.

Trying to be an Adult

My father will be leaving to Australia soon. Since I am the oldest I am the one take responsibility of taking care of my family. I am not the breadwinner but I will manage stuff for my father. I have tried living on my own so I am not really new to taking responsibilities for one's own shit but still I do ponder if I got what it takes… I knew I have to manage my time. The first months will definitely challenging but will an optimist heart everything should be ok. Hopefully I would still have time to blog by then.


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Moody Monday

It's another Monday. Fortunately I not swamped with work. With my idle time. I decided to make myself useful. Me and my bf are planning to build a blog. I could practice my web designing skills and he could practice his coding. It's already February and still I haven't made a descent design. Somehow I have whipped up something. Here is a sneak preview.

Hopefully I will look fine when I will finally be done with it.

While looking for a nice color combination I remembered to check out Colourlovers
. At first I didn't know how to use it. When I finally got a hang of it I definitely learned to love the site. It's very useful and inspiring. It's actually a community. So there are also lots of colourlovers out there. You can find patterns, colors and color pallets that you can use. You can even download ico files for Photoshop.

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Back in My comfort zone

I haven't written a decent entry for a long time now. It's not that there is no design related entries i want to blog. I didn't have the time resources then.

A quick recap of my absence. I got accepted in a new Company. It's a Mindanao/Visayas Ad Agency. After my career path went wayward after college I never thought that I would set foot on advertising soil again. When I closed my door on web designing I came back to the world of advertising.

I had to go to Cebu for 6 months to train. I had to dwell on new set of discipline. Quality is now a requirement and the goal was someday be recognized. It's very different compared to what I got used to my last company. Now I am expected to do more.

I couldn't blog my experiences in Cebu because I didn't have many luxuries at where I stayed. I had no computer, no net,no tv and I was forced to get myself back to reading.

After a whirlwind of events I am back here in Davao. I'm back in my comfort zone but with a new challenge to myself.

It's a new year and I have lots of planned projects.

Hopefully I you will more from me this year.

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Originally these are just random cell phone pictures I took. With poladroid it made the pictures interesting. There are my test pictures.

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The Old and the New

Meet Tenma Tsukamoto. She is my Mom's New year's gift to me. I don't know why I have a new year's gift but still I am glad to have something to open. At first I had no idea who she was. I asked a friend if he know's what character she is. The only thing I knew she was related to School Rumble...thats the only thing that I could understand on the box. My friend then gave me a link about her. My friend was green with envy since he knew the character.

With a new sketchbook I promised myself that I will get back at my sketching and traditional media. meet my 11 year old colored pencils.
and my five year old colored pens
I have no real formal plans for my sketchbook...unlike the project 25. I just want to draw whatever comes to mind. I don't want to be so conscious on the outcome. Everything will be spontaneous. Let the pencil take control. s
I would also go back to film photography. My bf sponsored my film so now I got a little stash of film to start me off for the coming year!

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colored Tarsieroo

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